Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Bosque Trail Update

There have been some changes to the Bosque Trail since the original post I did last April. It is about time for an update on Albuquerque's favorite recreational bike trail.

Tingley Beach Park Renovation

The most dramatic change is the completion of the Tingley Beach park renovation. The grand opening was actually in October and so far it has been a big success.

Some parts of the park are not actually finished. Three of the ponds are open and are stocked with fish. The fourth pond near Central avenue is not done yet. I think will be a model boat pond.
The train station has opened and the train is running between the Rio Grande Zoo through Tingley Beach and on to the Bio Park and Aquarium.

Tingley Beach pond and
train station.

The old bike trail is back in commission and the route has not changed very much. There are also bike lanes on Tingley drive going both ways. Be aware that there are more pedestrians in this area and they may not be paying attention to passing bicycles.

I-40 Bike Trail

This new bike trail appeared during the late summer. It intersects the Bosque Trail at the Interstate 40 overpass. The trail follows the I-40 sound wall to 6th street and then it ends suddenly. At this point, there is not much room to continue a bike trail due to the off ramps of I-40 near the Big I.

This trail provides another way to get to Rio Grande blvd and the Old Town area. It actually detours onto a side street, Aspen ave a few blocks before Rio Grande blvd. Then you have to carefully cross Rio Grande blvd to continue along I-40 to 6th street. It is also an easy way to reach downtown from this new trail. Almost any of the numbered streets can provide easy access to downtown.

I-40 bike trail

Bosque Trail Extension

As I said in the April post, there were plans to expand the Bosque Trail north to the town of Bernalillo and south to Belen. During the summer there was some construction where the trail now ends at the Alameda trailhead. I belive this is the first sign of the expansion. This is on the other side of the Alameda bridge near the picnic area.

Alameda trail extension

The trail extension is scheduled to open next summer and will be nearly 50 miles from end to end. I will try to post more information about the expansion as it happens.

Albuquerque's best bike trail continues to get better!


Thursday, November 17, 2005

Katrina Victims Bicycle Project

Our fellow bike blogger Larry Lagarde and his family are victims of Hurricane Katrina. Yet Larry still finds the time to help his fellow displaced citizens with a bold plan to provide them with a bicycle.

The plan is to contact used bicycle shops, bicycle co-ops and community charitable organizations to provide the displaced victims with a used bicycle as a form of reliable transportation in their new community. He has gotten some response from communities in Texas, Chicago, Pittsburgh and Denver.

If you are interested, please see Larry's Katrina Victims blog