Sunday, September 18, 2005

Photo Gallery Three: Memorials

One of the advantages of cycling in a city is that you can get a more intimate view of that city. Here in the Southwest there is a tradition of erecting improvised roadside memorials to relatives and friends who have died. Usually they are victims of traffic accidents and the memorial is built upon the location of the accident.

Many of these memorials are set up on public property owned by the city or the State Highway department. I'm not sure what the official policy is these memorials but they usually are allowed. The friends and relatives are usually allowed to set them up and maintain them for years to come.

Here are a few I have come across on my rides throughout the Albuquerque metropolitan area.

Heidi Mason - University boulevard near the UNM Championship golf course.

Iben Browning - Girard boulevard near the airport

Kathy Ferreira - Rio Rancho, Route 528 near Presbyterian Hospital

Memorial day - Corrales, NM

Rece Nord, young bicycling accident victim- Taylor Ranch

Stan Mallory - Paseo del Noreste trail

Tommy - Paseo del Norte trail

Victims of Homocide memorial - Pat Hurley park on the West Mesa

Workers memorial - San Mateo boulevard and Constitution

- Brian


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