Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Weird Stuff seen in Albuquerque (on my bicycle)

In previous posts on Seeing Albuquerque by Bicycle, I have included several photo galleries of the sights that can only be explained by photographs. There are galleries about public art, historic buildings
and roadside memorials.

Now comes the post just about the weird things I see as I ride throughout Duke city.
Many of these sights were discovered because I was travelling on a bicycle and had the time to observe these unusual landmarks. In other words, I wasn't speeding by in an automobile at 60 miles per hour. The old two-wheeler can cut through an alley or make it's way down a side street quicker than a car can turn around in the next parking lot. Here are a few photos I have snapped in the eight months I have been blogging. I am sure there will be more weird sights to follow.

The Bart Prince "UFO" house (Monte Vista neighborhood)

Vietnamese Lumberjack near Louisiana and Central.

What self-respecting city cannot boast a drive-in fur and hide company?
(Warehouse district, near downtown)

Antenna with pine branches (Paradise Hills neighborhood)

This isn't weird except that there is another house with the Statue of Liberty in the front yard two blocks away.



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I really enjoyed the photos of Albuquerque strangeness. I've been here a year and hopefully there's much more quirkiness to be seen.

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